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The School on the "Athena" project

The School Council  in a memorandum addressed to the Ministry of Education and Culture has argued extensively against the proposed merger of five Language & Literature Faculties (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) into one ("Foreign Languages and Literature") as well as that of the Faculty of Slavic Studies and the Faculty of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies. (Please note that the term "Faculty" denotes the third tier in the structure of the University, below "University" and "School").

In brief, the School's wish to retain the existing structure is based on academic arguments (the independence of the relevant subjects, the tradition of the School, the academic excellence of the Faculties and their strong international ties), on the adverse effects on the students' chances of employment arising from the very general nature of their prospective Degree and the many practical problems which will inevitably arise and which are not taken into consideration in the "Athena" project (e.g. the nature of the entrance exam and the administrative challenge of a 90-strong faculty and more than 5000 students). The proposed changes, moreover, will not save either space or, more importantly at the present time, money.

The School strongly believes that, as one of the founding Schools of the oldest university in the country and, in particular, as a School of Arts and Humanities situated in Athens, it should be supported by the Greek State for its inherent symbolism, in addition to the marked strengthening of its international academic presence in the last decades. 

The full text of the memorandum (in Greek) is available here.

If you agree that the independence of these Academic Units is worth preserving, please sign the petition at


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