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Competition at the School of Philosophy

In celebration of the impending 25th anniversary of the School's move to the Mt Hymettus Campus, the Dean and the School Council invite the students of the School of Philosophy to participate in a competition for six wall paintings on six selected walls of the building. The competition is open to all and only the students of the School, who may submit their proposals to the Dean's Office by the 30th of September. They will be judged by a panel of art historians from the Faculties of History & Archaeology and Theatre Studies. The School cannot remunerate the artists but will provide the materials as well as publicity through its webpage and the media, and through the official unveiling of the works during the anniversary celebrations in the next academic year.

The School of Philosophy intends to continue to serve the Arts and Humanities and to promote the values on which European culture is built, in defiance of the economic crisis and the ever-spreading image of Greeks as idle citizens who produce nothing. The School invites the students of all its 12 Faculties to contribute to this competition (and others that will follow) and produce some monumental art with the inspiration and creativity that we have often witnessed in their other work.