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Joint International Forum for Graduate Research

25 June 2012

"Joint International Forum for Graduate Research With a Focus on Creativity"



Athens, Greece

Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a
tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.

Henri Matisse

Conference Agenda:

9:00 A.M Welcome address:

At Amphitheater - University of Athens - Philosophy Dept - Campus

Robert Peck, Canada's Ambassador to Greece..

Prof. Amalia Moser, The Dean of the School of Philosophy, University of

Dr Anna Lazou, Director of the Research and Artistic Ensemble "dryos topoi"
- School of Philosophy, University of Athens

9:30 AM Keynote address:

Walter Epp PhD Associate Professor, Lakehead University

"Creativity in the Greek Historical Context: Sappho, Socrates and

10:00: Coffee break

Student presenters

10:15 Louise Haukeness: "Creative Nationalism through the eyes of Pericles:
The Contemporary relevance of the Golden Age"

10:20 Kim Caldwell: "Ο Heraclitus: Finding the Fire from Within."

10:25 Li Yu: "Ο Archimedes and Mathematical Creativity."

10:30 Jessa Bear: "Exploration of Creativity in the surreal poetry of
Odysseus Elytis"

10:35 Laxmi Pathak: "Creativity in the Rhetoric of Plato's Republic."

10:40 Fay Zoccole: "Crete: The People - the Culture."

Greek students/graduates presenting their individual research foci and
creative inspiration.

10:45 Athina Asimakopoulou

10:50 Vassiliki Giannakou

10:55 Sofia Kyriakopoulou

11:00 Achilleas Malissovas

11:05 Thaleia Politou

11:10 Emmanuel Roussis

11:15 "Greek village houses and their classical/byzantine influences":
Video recorded skype interview with Rosemary Ind, architect, Swansea,
England - Production: YOU.C.I

11:30-12:00 Round Table discussion Canadian and Greek Students

12:00 lunch

1:00 Magda Roussi, M.A. (ex University of Piraeus) - Fine Artist

"Creative Inspiration through Ancient Greek Theater Mask"