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Jacqueline de Romilly Square, Athens

The City of Athens has named a square in the area of Theseion after Jacqueline de Romilly (1913-2013). The great French classical scholar, the first woman to teach as a professor at the College de France and the second to join the Academie Francaise, had been honoured by the city of Athens and Greece in life, having been awarded the honorary citizenship of Athens and the Greek citizenship, as well as receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Athens in 1983, the Onassis Foundation award in 1995 and the Greek Parliament award in 2008.

The choice of this particular square, in one of the most attractive parts of the city, with an exquisite view of the Acropolis and her beloved Pnyx, could not have been more perfect for the purpose. In the midst of the economic crisis, at one of the darkest hours of this University, it is a comfort to know that there is at least one public institution that chooses to show respect to exceptional scholars in the field of the Arts and Humanities. The School of Philosophy appreciates deeply this initiative and extends its warmest congratulations to the Mayor and the City Council.